Kelly Knight


My background is in textiles, and I worked as a production weaver for many years. The metaphors in weaving - of rhythms and interconnectedness and the strength that comes from many united as one - continue to manifest in my work. I completed my MFA in 3D Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2018, and my BA in Creative Writing from Lesley University in 2015.

I work with materials that appear to contradict or resist one another: fabric and paper combined with wire, iron, plaster, for example. 

I reject the term “found object” as it relates to my work. This term implies haphazardness and chance, but the pre-existing objects I use - lipsticks, pins, clothing, etc - are carefully and intentionally sourced. So I use the term “sourced objects” when referring to such.

I work in both 2 and 3 dimensional formats. I find I work best when I can shift back and forth from one work-in-progress to another. It helps with my thought process. Paintings are often inspired by the research and investigations that happen while conceptualizing 3 dimensional work, and vise versa.

I am interested in storytelling traditions; in the feminine experience in society and nature; the history of objects and buildings; in ancestry; and the juxtaposition of materiality and spirituality.