Kelly Knight


My background is in textiles, and I worked as a production weaver for many years. The metaphors in weaving continue to impact my work today, though I have not actually woven on a loom in several years. 

I completed my MFA in 3D Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2018. You can see my thesis work and presentation here. (8/22/18: updating with link soon, check back). It summarizes my creative path to this point. 

I like to work with a variety of materials, particularly those that seem to contradict or resist one another: fabric and paper combined with wire, iron, plaster, for example. I began working with iron in the foundry at MassArt in 2017, and though on the surface the process seems a world apart from that of weaving fine threads into cloth, there are many similarities. 

I continue to work with three dimensional forms, and I paint as well. I find I work best when I can shift back and forth from one work-in-progress to another. It helps with my thought process. 

Themes in my work include ancestry; the "roles" and communities of women in past and current societies; and the residue (seen and unseen) of human life in buildings and built spaces. I am interested in the layers - literal and conceptual - of things. New work is evolving from research I'm doing on the use of imagery and metaphor in mythology and fairy tales.

I currently live and work in Providence, Rhode Island. I regularly post new and in-progress work to my Instagram account, and I update this site about once a month.