Repeated Path

Repeated Path series

In the summer of 2017 I had the opportunity to spend several months working at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA as one of 4 artists in residence. My intention was to explore ways of translating physical movement around specific spots in Cambridge into material expression. Inspired by Guy Debord's psychogeographic guide of Paris, my interest was in conveying one set of sensory experiences while immersed in space or place, through another system of sensory experiences (reading visual marks and textures) and into material form. Taking the process a step further, I considered the notion of the psychogeographic journey of genes through time and generations, continuing on within the same physical, geographic spaces.

Specifically, I spent hours walking routes that I propose my ancestors likely traveled when they lived in Cambridge in the mid-to-late 1800s. By mapping the location of their former house, the church they attended, and the sites of stores and merchants they likely patronized in relation to the gallery where I was installed, I was able to create a layer of interaction with place that responded to historical and familial records. The result is a series of "sculptural paintings" that illustrate my physical movements and emotional and sensory responses to paths taken from my family's house to their church; from their house to the centers of commerce; from their house to the city's common; and from the gallery to the former site of the family's home. The excursions were walking meditation. Often I recorded the path as I walked, intending for the footage to be archieved for future use.