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New Blues (and Purples)

I have to say, I really like these new blue bamboo scarves. I made only 3, I sold two over the weekend, and this remaining one will be in Shift by the end of the week.
I really thought this warp was going to be a dud when I saw it on the loom, but I was quite pleased with the woven fabric. Some projects are like that - the ones you think will flop may come out great in the end, so I guess the lesson is to stick with it and be open to the surprises.
These purple guys were a lot of fun to weave, but they sure are hard to photograph. Something about the color and my amateur photography skills, I suppose. One of these scarves will head to Shift this week as well, and the other may find it's way to the Left Bank Gallery. If I don't keep it for myself....
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