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Nature Walk

It was a beautiful day today, the kind of day that could almost fool you into thinking that Spring is just around the corner. In truth we are so far from Spring, all the more reason to take advantage of this weather while it lasts.

I went for a long walk at Squam Farm today and brought my camera along. This is one of my favorite areas for walking on Nantucket - acres of conservation land and some days I can walk the entire property without seeing another human being. What I do look forward to seeing, in terms of living creatures, are the sheep that the Nantucket Conservation Foundation are keeping on this property. The sheep are here as part of an effort to maintain the grass plains environment that is so prevalent on the island, an interesting project.

The advantage to walking these trails in the winter is that with all the foliage gone, it's easier to follow the deer trails and get off the beaten path. These little exploratory adventures lead me to the most surprising places - meandering streams, a stand of Tupelo trees, a hidden kettle pond.